Ilkley Art Trail turns the whole town into an art gallery.



:   Ilkley Art Trail 2014 Postponed  until 7 –11 October 2015 
Over the last few months planning has been underway for IAT in 2014 and we have been giving much thought to the planning for 2015.

In March IAT Organiser Lorna Bird managed to sustain a ruptured Achilles tendon, from which, full, back to normal recovery is estimated to be several months. She is of course functioning now but has had to admit that capacity has been compromised to some degree.

Partly brought on by this situation, but largely for reasons of strategy to secure a more sustainable future for the Trail, and in some part to do with the planning cycles of other organisations, whom we want to involve in a new and more ambitious Art Trail, we have decided that it would be much better to focus our energies on planning, re-structuring and a more ambitious re-launch for Ilkley Art Trail: 7 – 11 October in 2015.

The Trail has only become so successful because of the natural synergy and huge support it has had from local and regional artists, arts organisations and individuals and we count on that continuing support and interest in the future.

We will continue to have at our core, the focus on providing the most useful and quality platform, from which artists can promote their work and we feel we can do it better. So having made this decision, we are excited about the potential developments we can achieve.

We look forward to letting you know of both our progress and new plans for the Art Trail in 2015 and thank everyone hugely for your support so far.


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