Anita Bowerman 2013

Born in Yorkshire Anita is well known for her paper cuts and brightly coloured paintings.


Anita is passionate about colour, design and detail which she incorporates into each of her paper cuts.  She is inspired by nature, spending a lot of time outside in the countryside researching and creating each design onto paper and then carefully cutting each one out.  Anita’s paper cuts take hours to complete and she incorporates her knowledge of fashion design and illustration.  Anita is always looking for a new challenge and her work is getting more intricate by the day!! Anita is working on a York map now and has just completed a paper cut of Betty’s building Harrogate.


Anita’s work has evolved over the years from traditional style painting to this semi abstract style.  She uses water based paints such as watercolour, gouache and acrylic.  Anita loves colour. She is influenced by the colours and artists who lived in the South of France such as Matisse using paints and glitter made there.  She has developed a technique using twigs and found objects on the floor to paint with instead of brushes.  All her work is painted in situ outside and you can see bits of nature which have attached themselves to the paintings.

Her aim is to make people react to her work and ‘feel happy’, a comment many people make of her work, and enjoying her intricate and bright coloured work. She loved participating and showing her work in the Ilkley Art Trail in 2012 and looks forward to October 2013. She feels that the Ilkley Art Trail is a perfect platform to bring her artwork to a wider audience .

Having painted all her life she now feels her career as an artist is taking shape.  A year ago Anita opened The Dove Tree Art Studio in the middle of Harrogate where she displays her work, works and teaches.