Anita Rowell

An overview of my work and exhibitions including CV may be found at (please click on Anita Rowell).

There is a strong, personal narrative attached to my work. My experience of places, daily activities and my interests all feed into my creative practice leading me to explore the juxtaposition of the natural and the man made in my environment. My liking of highly textural surfaces and sculptural approaches stems from my interest in textiles and ceramics, whilst my use of found objects and non-traditional materials reflects my experimental outlook. Ongoing development is an essential focus of my practice. This has recently led to my extended use of mixed media and painterly approaches. I also use printing processes and continue to experiment with installation,collage and assemblage.

I would like my work to be uplifting, thought -provoking and playful!

Recent exhibitions update
‘Affinities’ at Cliffe Castle, Keighley ( jointly with the flax textile group) Summer 2015
Bradford Open Exhibition at Cartwright Hall,Bradford Museums and Galleries 2015: two mixed media artworks selected
Ilkley Art Trail 2015
‘Just Makers’ selling exhibition at the RHS Harlow Carr Gardens Feb/Mar 2016 ( group show)