Anna Tosney 2013

Anna studied fine art (Printmaking) at University of Wales, institute, Cardiff, and completed a BA (Hons) degree in 2000.  In 2004 she received an MA in Ceramics from the same university.

Born and bred in Skipton, the inspiration for her work comes mainly from the Yorkshire Dales and surrounding rural scenes.  Her aim is to recreate the moody skies, amazing landscapes, and loveable characters of the local area.

With an ability to distil scenes to their simplest forms without losing the essence of the subject, the resulting work is both bold and contemporary.

Anna exhibits her work in several galleries throughout the UK and also runs printmaking workshops and short courses for both adults and children, where she shares her techniques with small groups of students. For more information please see her website:



Anna Tosney, printmaker

anna_sheepinhands1_webAnna Tosney takes her inspiration from the countryside where she grew up. Born and bred in Skipton, she aims to capture the stormy skies, bold landscapes and quirky characters she comes across in the Dales.

“I love farmers,” she says. “I love observing their body language. The older farmers have really interesting postures. They are always leaning over walls.”

She studied fine art (Printmaking) at Cardiff, completing her degree in 2000 and then went on to study for an MA in Ceramics. Having experimented with different methods of printmaking, she developed her own style, using drypoint and monoprint techniques.

She starts by observing and sketching or photographing a scene. These ideas are then adapted and developed into an image which is scratched onto the printmaking plate. She uses layers of soy-based inks on an acrylic plate.

“I prefer a see-through plate so I can see what’s going on,” she explains.

Each piece is a unique work of art, using different layers of colour.

Anna likes to immerse herself in the land and people she paints. She recently did a course in dry-stone walling and has farming friends who invite her along to sheep-shearing days.

The printmaker sells her work through various galleries and regularly exhibits at Art in the Pen at Skipton Mart. She also runs workshops for Hive, in Shipley and for various after-school clubs.

  • Anna Tosney’s work will be appearing at the Craiglands during Ilkley Art Trail.