Brian Hindmarch


My work is primarily printmaking and drawings. I also have paintings using watercolour.

I use landscape as my subject matter and mostly work in-situ in the Yorkshire Dales and the West of Scotland. I am influenced by literature and my concerns of permanence in the landscape, pastoral, edgelands, waysides and the mystery of the commonplace. I wish to combine the concerns of a natural historian and the impressions of a fleeting moment.

I am a lecturer in Art and Design, currently at Bradford School of Art, in which case my social engagement is one of teaching and collaboration.

I intend to increase my involvement with short courses and workshops. I work with the West Yorkshire Printmaker’s Workshop, Sleningford Arts and will be taking workshops in the Hebrides (Isle of Colonsay) during the summer of this year.

I have exhibited widely and was very much involved with Ilkley Arts during 2015/16 within the trail and recently a presentation – ‘Landscape, Literature and the Imagination’.