Carolyn Hird-Rogers

I have had an love of line all my life, drawn in clay – my first love, on paper with pencil or print and now digitally with Photoshop.

I currently work mainly with the structural elements of plant forms, developing their linear qualities, whilst telling the story of one ancient country lane on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

The images develop from original photographs sourced whilst walking along an old Monks Road, which document the seasonal changes in the wild plants. These photographs are the starting point and palette for my digital drawing, which reveals the patterns and structures of the subjects. I make these botanical studies into limited edition frame-able greeting cards and larger mounted prints.

A walk along the canal – which runs alongside the old lane- has resulted in a series of images exploring modern usage of the waterway, from simply admiring the view through the decay evident with underuse and the way nature reclaims and regenerates.

Ancient architecture found in our cathedral cities has inspired images exploring the themes of old stone carving and fossil like imprints of decaying natural forms on stone paving.

Line, structure, form and colour found all around me are a constant inspiration.