Catherine Slater

I am a freelance artist working with fibres to create pictures and original wearable art from gossamer weight felt that is translucent and sensuous.

I mix cashmere and silk with fine merino, camel and llama to create drape able wraps that enfold the wearer. Each piece is unique and creates its own pattern of colours and textures. The garments are versatile and can be worn in different ways to differing effects according to the occasion or the mood of the wearer.

My landscape pictures are a response to the natural world and to quotations that have lodged in my memory and resurfaced on my walks in the countryside or as I am working with colours and textures in my studio. Particular influences include the poetry of W. B. Yeats and the travel writings of Robert Macfarlane and Kathleen Jamie.

I also like to create interactive wallhangings, where each piece is constructed from re-positionable elements so that many different versions of the same piece are possible. I like the idea that whoever owns my work can enjoy handling it and be part of the creative process by the way they arrange the elements of the wallhangings or drape the wraps.