Catherine Slater

I am a freelance artist working mainly with fibres and threads in a painterly way to create both canvas and surface design. In my studio I mix silk and cashmere with merino wool and fabric to create gossamer felt that is translucent and sensuous and then use it to create textile pictures and unique wearable art inspired by the light, rhythms and patterns of the natural world.
I am intrigued by the notion of there being “intangible textures” that we can see with the  eye and brain but that we can never experience through touch either because the object is too distant, the act of touching would destroy the surface or because the “surface” itself is an illusion. In my work I seek to make these textures tangible.
Since moving to Ilkley in 1992 I have always been inspired by the colours and textures of the northern landscape, and want my work to reflect the many moods and colours that come with the ever changing light.