Cheryl Woods 2013

Growing up in the 1970’s I was surrounded by the bold and bright fashion and domestic prints typical of the era.  This has left me with a love of colour, texture and pattern which motivates me to create printed images and textile designs through photography and printmaking.

My camera is usually the starting point for my prints. My interest in textiles gives me an attraction towards the strong shapes of silhouettes created by bright light and the texture and colour of things that are old, rusty broken and decayed.  I love to explore urban areas to photograph the everyday and often forgotten areas. I like to discover broken signs, derelict buildings and peeling paint on old doors. I also enjoy the thrill of capturing the unexpected random images that occur on the streets amongst the hustle and bustle of big cities.  Such as a bride and groom walking across Brooklyn Bridge, a group of sailors walking through Times Square or the colour and excitement of festivals and parades.

A photograph can stand alone as a piece of work in itself. However more often than not they spark an idea and encourage me to explore them further. Sometimes I manipulate them digitally or they can form the inspiration for paper and textile prints.  These prints can be produced by hand using a mixture of relief printing and screen printing techniques.  Some of my textile designs are digitally printed which gives them a different quality.  I also like to develop my textile prints further through the use of embroidery or turning my fabrics into items such as scarves, cushions or lampshades.

Whatever technique or process I choose to employ to my aim is to create prints which are bold, quirky and colourful.