Chris Tribe

Chris’ work derives, first and foremost, from his love of wood and his appreciation of things well made.  A childhood spent in rural Hampshire gave him a love of trees, and a father with an artist’s eye and an engineer’s approach to design gave him a desire to make beautiful things.  When Chris first put the two together, it was the Shakers’ simplicity of form that inspired him.  Over the years his style has developed and his pieces now reflect various influences:  the linear forms and symmetry of Art Deco, the ‘truth to material’ and functionality of the Arts and Crafts movement, and the uncluttered lines of the Bauhaus school.  Chris is still inspired by the wood itself and, despite acknowledging the role of modern tools and techniques, he still gains enormous pleasure and satisfaction from using hand tools well.

His pieces range from cufflink and jewellery boxes to fitted kitchens and dining suites, and have been exhibited in several prestigious galleries including the Bespoke Gallery in Cheltenham and the Liverpool Design. He currently has work in a selling exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery.

In recent years Chris has developed his interest in communicating his skills and passion to students and amateur woodworkers, and he now teaches a wide range of courses at his workshop.