David Starley


David is an archaeologist turned professional artist, based at Dockfield Road Creative Arts Hub, Shipley and is a member of the Aire Valley Arts Group. He aims to evoke an emotional response to our environment through his art. Oil paint is applied thickly with a knife to produce an almost sculpted image.

Trees are the central focus of David’s work. However, whilst these organisms, play a vital, and complex role of our ecosystem; providing oxygen, habitats and water and carbon regulation, they are increasingly under threat. By portraying the forms and character of individual specimens, or groups in woodland, the viewer is led to a greater appreciation of these living structures – changeless yet changing, strong yet vulnerable; never to be taken for granted.

David exhibits widely in Yorkshire and beyond. Recent highlights include painting as Artist in Residence at the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens, Harlow Carr near Harrogate and a combination of exhibition and painting demonstration at the Bexley Wing of St James’ Hospital, Leeds.

Artistic influences include the Canadian; Tom Thomson, Australian; Arthur Streeton and Corot and his fellow painters of the Barbizon School, but his style is unique to himself and inspiration comes chiefly from nature itself.