Dianne Cross

My current hand built work reflects several areas of interest – West African adobe architecture and architectural details, working with black clay, making boxes and experimenting with surface textures. I incorporate details into my work from windows, grilles, surface textures and supporting timbers which protrude from buildings to enable repairs to be made to the adobe.

I have been working with black clay for about four years and really like the denseness of colour I can achieve. Surfaces are treated by scraping and pressing or rolling various textured objects/surfaces onto the clay. I then use a matt white glaze to enhance textural detail, linear designs and the blackness of the clay.

The indigo blue work also draws on the adobe architectural details.
With my most recent work I am using textures and images evocative of the shore/strand line. These pieces feature washes of cobalt and copper over a matt white glaze.

I use a wider selection of found objects and textures to exploit the clay surface for blue work, which is then glazed with the same matt white glaze as the black clay but with the addition of cobalt/cobalt washes.

I also make decorative porcelain spoons.