Drew Ward 2013

I work mainly in dry media – charcoal, pastel & conte – choosing mostly architectural & constructional subjects. Where possible I prefer to visit a building to take photographs. I select an area of interest and enlarge this to form the basis for a drawing; often the identity of the source is lost in the finished work. I am intending to work more from industrial landscapes in the future as I believe if these are not recorded in some format in the near future there will be none left to record as this country loses its manufacturing base.

I am more influenced by 20th century art and architecture than that of earlier times; in particular the artists and designers of the Bauhaus and Le Corbusier, and the Op-Art images of Vasarely, Riley and Steele.

I like the softness and variation of line and tone achievable with charcoal and the challenge of keeping the whites ‘white’!