Drew Ward


Studied Art & Design and has a degree in Furniture Design. After a career in  Interiors working from other peoples’ drawings he now produces his own following ideas and themes of interest to him.

Choosing mainly architectural subjects, working mainly in black and white – charcoal, pastel and conte – to produce bold images. Charcoal can be messy but allows an enormous variation and subtlety of line and tone, and provides the challenge of keeping the white ‘white’!

Initially he photographs buildings to identify potential areas for the basis for a drawing , subsequently selecting and enlarging areas for a final work. Repeat shapes and patterns formed by girders and roof structures like St.Pancras Station, fire escape ladders, bridges and piers fascinate him and lead to strong visual images, though the identity of the source is often lost in the finished work.

Generally the art and architecture styles of the twentieth century, in particular Le Corbusier, the artists and designers or the Bauhaus and latterly Santiago Calatrava, and the Op-Art works by Vasarely, Riley and Jefferey Steele have been more of an influence than art from earlier times.

Latterly he has worked in a more experimental style using acrylic and mixed media