Filippa Dobson

‘The grid gave an armature to a medium which is very volatile; quite literally, being fire’. Anthony McCall, 2007.

‘Fire Walk with Me: Talking Stone II’ 2016 will be an Ilkley Art Trail staged event with the necessary legal, ethical and public safety procedures in place. Like ‘Talking Stone’ 2015 the event will enable social engagement with the archaeology and history of the Moor. In the Neolithic/Bronze Age the Moor was cleared using a number of tools including fire. Where Anthony McCall used petrol ‘Fire Walk with Me’ will use the contemporary tools of light and projection as a ‘contrived’ burning of a cup and ring mark: the timing and spatial sequencing worked out as a grid. The event will coincide with the North Pennines heather-burning season and is an ecological response to the SSSI status of Ilkley Moor. It is a spectacular event: at once celebration in the landscape and on digital platform.

Permissions will be brokered and technical support provided. The performance will be professionally filmed and photographed and available thereafter online, as projection and gallery installation.

The artist has a University of Leeds PhD Scholarship. She was short-listed for Neo:Art Prize 2015. She collaborates with LUMEN Arts.