Geraldine Thompson

My aim in portraiture is to depict a likeness, a character, a presence within a picture.

For me the execution of a portrait is not self-contained, nor is it just about the technical ability developed over years of life drawing. Rather it is a demanding process in which drawing and painting are entwined in a dialogue between sitter and painter revealing aspects of both.

Sensitive to the person, and personality behind each face, alert to changes in facial expression and body language, meetings for research and initial studies are essential. Although regular sittings are ideal, photography provides a valuable reference tool, though not for use alone.

When painting oil portraits I consider; how the subject presents and sees themselves – which of the many faces they choose to show me; my obligation to the sitter; my empathetic interpretive response; where the portrait will hang.

I also develop drypoints from drawings.

Commissions include Archbishop Worlock, Bishop Konstant, Monsignor Kennedy, surgeon Mr Smiddy plus other members of the clergy, medical, academic and military.

MA Leeds University, author of Art & Design Enterprise FD Degree, exhibitor in commercial and municipal galleries, I have work in Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, USA.