Gillian Gilroy

I trained at Bradford College of Art, specialising in painting and printmaking.

In recent years I have embraced the technique of continuous line drawing. I aspire to reduce my unbroken mark making to the absolute minimum, capturing my chosen subject with a few lines. I love the simplicity of line drawing and it’s ability to engage the viewer with its uninterrupted, free flowing and multi-layered contours, the fact that there is an implicit risk that each piece could unravel at any moment….it seems to capture the very fragility of some of my subjects and yet also pose questions of those that are seemingly permanent and solid. Each work of course, has it’s origin in that first contact between pen and paper; that contact is not lost until the final work is complete. As a consequence,each piece is unique.

I work in a school part-time, and enjoy encouraging children’s creativity. I have an interest in art as therapy and have done a drawing and talking course as a technique to help children.

I have been involved with the art trail since it’s start, and have relished being involved and seeing it go from strength to strength.