Hugh Leishman
My name is Hugh Leishman. I have a small woodturning and woodcarving workshop where I make bowls, dishes, spoons, chopping boards, bakers peels and other domestic wooden objects that are designed to be used. I work in British hardwoods and I finish my work with “food-safe” oils. I’ve been a maker for over 35 years.

Everything begins with the material. I love working with wood; it’s a great material and it has an amazing history and tradition. My work is made to be handled and touched and I hope the objects I make, will, in time, develop a patina through use. I design forms that don’t overpower the innate qualities of the wood, but allow it to speak with its own voice. I strive for form, balance, proportion, lightness and simplicity.

I try not to get bogged down with too many words – I want to make objects that people feel a connection with.

My work can be seen, amongst other places, in Betty’s, displaying their delicious baking products(!), and on the Beyond Measure website, where I have Pin Cushions made in collaboration with Grace Whowell.