Hugh Leishman

In the early 1970’s I spent 4 years at Art School studying Fine Art. I enjoyed the experience but always felt I was an onlooker rather than a participant.
Secretly I had always harboured the ambition to work with wood. It was while I was living in the Orkney Isles that I finally became a craftsman. Right from the beginning I always had a very strong idea of the kind of objects I wanted to make…..beautiful, simple, pure objects that would enrich everyday life and be accessible to everyone. This desire has never left me and is still at the heart of my work.

Everything begins with the material, I love working with wood; it’s a great material and it has an amazing history and tradition. My work is made to be handled and used and I hope the objects I make, will in time, develop a patina through use. I design forms that don’t overpower the innate qualities of the wood, but allow it to speak with it’s own voice. I strive for form, balance, proportion, lightness and simplicity.

My work is part of the living craft tradition – I want to make objects that people feel a connection with.