Ilkley Art Trail 2016 Artist’s Agreement

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Ilkley Art Trail 2016

Submission closing date: 31 March 2016
Outcome announced: early May 2016
Venues finalised: mid July 2016

Set up date:  Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 10am – 4pm
Launch Event:  Wednesday, 5th October 2016, evening
Dates of Trail:

  • Thursday, 6th October 2016, 10am – 5pm

  • Friday, 7th October 2016, 10am – 5pm

  • Saturday, 8th October 2016, 10am – 5pm

  • Sunday 9th October 2016, 10am – 5pm

Clear up date: Sunday, 9th October 2016, evening and in some instances am Monday, 10th October 2016

We would also strongly recommend that you host a private view at some point during the trail.

The Artist’s Agreement explains the work the Trail team will do for you and what you will be required to do to ensure the Trail runs smoothly and for you get the best exposure for your work.

Participating Artists’ responsibilities:

1 Registration and commission fees

1.1 There is a registration fee of £50 that is payable per artist once you have been accepted on to the Trail. This fee will be invoiced at the point you receive your acceptance letter. You will only be formally part of the Trail on receipt of this payment. If you are a professional Gallery showing multiple artists work the registration fee is £75

1.2 There is potential for a slightly higher registration fee of no more than an additional £30 if you are placed in a prime central location where there is a cost to Trail. This would be discussed with relevant artists before submitting any invoice.

1.3 There is 25% commission to Ilkley Arts on all sales. (If you are a Gallery showing multiple artists’ work there will be a 25% commission on your own work but no commission will be due to the Trail from work of those other artists not featured in the programme). Ilkley Arts monitor sales and purchase information from buyers via feedback gathered during and after the Trail dates. If sales are made, or work commissioned within three months after the conclusion of the Trail from a contact made during the Trail the 25% commission will be payable.

1.4 if you are in the category of an ‘up and coming artist’ who has not exhibited their work for sale before the registration fee will be waived but commission is still payable on all work sold.

1.5 We expect all artists to behave honourably with regard to declaring sales and whilst we very much value the honesty and teamwork of artists who work with us in this way, we have a zero tolerance policy regarding those who are found not to operate in a trustworthy manner. Anyone found not declaring relevant sales will not be permitted to submit to Ilkley Arts in future years and other artists and venues may be informed.

2 Venues

2.1 Artists are responsible for securing their own venues in the town but the Trail team will work hard to find a venue to exhibit the artist’s work. Once a venue has been allocated to an artist if they wish to change a venue the artist needs to negotiate that with another artist on the Trail. If this isn’t possible you will need to use the venue previously allocated or lose your registration fee.

2.2 Some town centre venues may attract higher registration fee where there is a cost to the Trail in hiring them.

2.3 Artists who are exhibiting in a venue that is not their studio or home will be expected to liaise with their venue host regarding all matters related to their exhibition.

2.4 Artists will need to use Ilkley Arts’ templates for signage or bunting as provided by the Trail.

2.5 Artists will be required to ensure venues are ‘Trail ready’. An explanation of what this entails will be in your Artists’ Pack that you will receive nearer the Trail dates.

3 Manning venues and exhibiting work

3.1 Artists are required to ensure their venue stays open for the hours printed in the programme and that their exhibit is manned throughout the hours that the venue is open either by themselves or by someone they have arranged. In a multi-artist venue it is not fair to assume someone else will look after an artist’s exhibit without prior agreement and reciprocal arrangements.

3.2 In the event of an emergency and the venue cannot be manned then the artist must call Ilkley Arts to arrange volunteer cover if it is available. If cover is not available the artist must leave clear messages at the venue for visitors explaining why the venue is closed including an estimated time of re-opening. Ilkley Arts will ensure that they provide as much publicity as possible via social media.

3.3 Artists need to make sure they have sufficient work to last throughout the Trail and make trips to your venue worthwhile. Returning artists need to have at least 50% new work to exhibit during the Trail.

4 Programme

4.1 Artists will need to provide submission and programme information. Artists need to ensure that their submission information is complete and in the required format. You will be asked to sign off your entry and choose the image that will appear in the programme. Failure to do this may result in your entry not appearing in the programme.

4.2 Artists will need to provide 10 digital images of their work and it is the artist’s responsibility to present these images in the format required and as professionally as possible. They need to be in a Jpeg format, minimum 200kb, maximum 1mb. You will be advised how to provide these as part of the submission process.

4.3 If artists need to resize their images to meet requirements a useful and easy website to use is

4.4 Artists need to ensure that any images they submit are as professional as possible as the images are what many visitors use to determine which artists to visit. If you are in doubt about securing the right quality of image please consider using a professional photographer.

4.5 Ilkley Art’s resident photographer is Anna Nolan – / 07771624593 would be delighted to help with any images you need for your own publicity but she will charge accordingly. Anna has worked extensively with a number of artists for their own portfolios and is someone we know gets great results.

4.6 Any information from your artist’s submission can be used by Ilkley Arts for marketing the Trail and for other marketing purposes throughout the year.

5 Communication and marketing

5.1 We use email as the main means of communication throughout the Trail. You will need to ensure that you can receive, open and respond to email and other on line requests. If you foresee this being a problem please let the Trail team know as soon as possible.

5.2 All artists are required to use the Ilkley Art template price labels to detail titles, medium and price of artwork. This is important to ensure the Ilkley Art Trail branding on all artists work and to eliminate non-Trail venues benefiting from the marketing you have contributed to.

5.3 We expect artists to promote the Trail dates and each other’s venues via your own contacts and mailing lists, on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and your own websites.

5.4 Active use of social media throughout the Trail as well as before and after is encouraged.
We expect artists to assist with all social media marketing by systematically ‘sharing’, ‘liking’ and ‘re-tweeting’ whenever you receive relevant news from Ilkley Arts.

5.5 Artists are encouraged have an up to date website available for the Trail and to have a facebook and twitter account.

5.6 Artists need to put a link on their website to and encourage your own contacts to sign up for the IA newsletter.

5.7 Artists give permission to sharing their contact details with the other artists involved in the Trail.

5.8 Artists may need to accept a small quantity of high quality Ilkley Arts merchandising for sale in venues

6 Data collection

6.1 Artists are required to record daily footfall numbers at your venue during the Trail and encourage visitors to leave their contact details and to fill in the Trail questionnaire. This information is crucial for the future marketing of your own work as well as for Ilkley Arts.

6.2 Artist’s daily sales records must kept throughout the Trail using the template supplied and this sheet to be delivered by hand or email to Ilkley Arts Treasurer within 2 weeks of the end of the Trail. Full details of how this is done will be in the Artists’ Pack.

6.3 Artist need to process their own sales income (cash, cheque or other transfers). Please try to have all monies cleared within the week following the Trail. Commission to the Trail from sales made during Trail dates must be paid within 30 days after the last day of the Trail.

Ilkley Arts’ responsibilities:

7 Ensure that each participating artist has an entry in the Trail programme including a short description of their work, their venue address, a digital image (chosen by the artist) and an indicator on the programme map.

8 Supply an Artist’s Pack containing guidance from getting the venue ready for the Trail, guidance for maximising potential sales, template publicity material for venues and documents for recording sales, footfall and collecting feedback.

9 All further marketing activities are additional and will only be offered if our voluntary resources allow.

10 Where an artist does not have access to a venue the Trail team will work hard to find a venue to exhibit the artist’s work.

11 Where resources allow IA will keep twitter, facebook, twitter and instagram updated throughout the Trail as these are great ways for our team, artists and our growing audience to keep in touch with our news.

12 IA will keep the website up to date and eye catching and with information about artists and links to artist’s own website.

13 IA will issue press releases during the run up to, during and after the Trail. Our publication list covers over 60 titles and we anticipate getting increased coverage for 2016 trail. We will continue to develop our strong ties to the Ilkley Literature Festival.

14 IA will organise networking events, Creative Network, an Artists’ Networking evening, a Launch event and a Feedback celebration event in 2016. In the past these were attended by a majority of participating artists who indicated it was a great networking experience. Two dates will be offered for artists to attend a crucial information session prior to the Trail.

15 IA will work on all items set out above but these will be at the discretion of IA.