James Green

I fell in love with linocut printing quite a few years after studying fine art at university. When I first discovered the medium it was a revelation, something I knew I could connect with.

My work is mainly based around three areas; landscapes, creatures and donkeys. I know donkeys are creatures, but the donkey compositions I create are in a world of their own.

I’m inspired by the shapes landscapes make, the patterns and personalities of the animals, and the worlds I can create for my donkeys. One of the best things about linocut is the limitations of the medium. It makes you focus on the composition having a very limited palette, and you constantly have to make decisions you can’t change your mind on. I have also started working on screen-prints too, using my linocuts as a basis for larger works.

My influences are not generally printmakers (except for perhaps Goya), but people like Max Beckmann, Egon Schiele, film-maker Jan Svankmajer and composer Erik Satie.

My passion for print also comes from the physicality of the medium. It is sometimes tiring, but always worth the effort, and satisfying spending the time cutting the lino and pressing the prints.