Janet Allsebrook 2013

Janet is a multi-media artist who produces artwork in many contexts. She is a printmaker, photographer and a successful maker of artist books. She has been making jewellery for twelve years. Her jewellery is characterised by restless experimentation and constantly developing ideas.

“I have been making use of discarded off-cuts and negative shapes this year. By joining these together they achieve a new and possibly surreal significance. I have become slightly obsessed by the left over scraps of silver in my recycling box. I think of the scraps as a metaphor for the human beings, in this economic climate, who are “left-over” and “not required.” This is where we are.

 Fusing silver requires the use of some flux and forceful application of the torch!  I like the unexpected texture and shapes, which result from the semi-melting of silver. During the process the silver turns to a molten liquid, which looks like mercury. It is most difficult to control the fusing of long pieces like bracelets and rings, which are made as a continuous strip and then bent round into a circle, before being soldered together.”

I am reminded of the Chinese love of weathered and worn stone, in which shapes are interpreted as messages from the spiritual world.

Wearable and interesting: The jewellery is predominantly neck pieces, ear rings, bracelets and rings.

Each piece is truly original and made entirely of .925 silver.

Janet is educated to MA level in Art and has exhibited in the UK and abroad as a jeweller and as a printmaker and book artist.