Jason Howgate 2013

I paint and draw the local landscape. I am influenced by Morandi an Italian artist who spent his whole life depicting his immediate locale. The Calder Valley with its steep narrow valleys and high open plains inspires my work. Its endlessly surprising juxtapositions of horizon lines, nooks and crannies, water, rock woods and moorland, it would all take several lifetimes to record and relate it all.

I use  watercolour and pencil when I am working “en plein air” . Rapidograph pen and ink for more detailed landscape studies and I enjoy oil painting for freer more abstract landscapes.

The best thing about being a working artist is doing something I love. I try to bring something of beauty into the world and to share that thought with others.

The most difficult thing about being an artist is trying to get the work out into the public view, to get it seen.

The most frustrating thing is working with computers, I am a complete luddite.

My favourite artists are Richard Diebenkorn, Durer, David Hockney, and Giorgio Morandi in no particular order and in fact having said I am a luddite I am a Google image addict and so my favourites change daily.


I grew up in Yorkshire and Cornwall where my father was an artist and  the principal at Plymouth college of art. Later I studied at Ilkley grammar school which had a great art department and prepared me for the  hot bed of ideas and industry that was a Bradford foundation art course under Grant Devine’s tutelage. From there I went on to study at Wolverhampton Polytechnic centre of the known universe and then Exeter University.

I have worked around the country as an arts worker and taught various art disciplines  to  people, from young people with learning disabilities in Peckham, London m ural painting to running watercolour classes, for older people in Armley, Leeds. When I first moved back to Yorkshire from London to Hebden I worked driving buses  out of Halifax and Todmorden for five years until I bit the bullet and decided stay at home to look after my young son and work as a full time artist.

I have exhibited in London, Denmark, and Leeds, more recently I have shown work at the Hebden Bridge arts festival space, and in Ilkley and Hebden Bridge Open Studios.