Jenni Smith

I love the endless possibilities of working with cloth and thread and I create both textile pictures and quilts. I sew by hand and by machine and try to tell stories with the fabrics I use. Wool from Yorkshire features a lot, as well as prints by Liberty of London. My passion for art history influences the signs and symbols I incorporate, as I aim to make playful and timeless works. I produce cards, prints and stationery from my original textiles and will exhibit at the Festival of Quilts in August 2017.

I produce quilts on my own, but also with other people in the community and I strongly believe that sewing is good for the soul. Over 40 people each month attend classes at my studio and I have organised 3 local shows in the past. I am curating a quilt project during the UK’s first Festival of Making in Blackburn in May.

My heroine Rachel Kay Shuttleworth had a mission to “Cherish the past, adorn the present and create for the future”. That sums up my aim in sharing my passion for sewing with the wider community too.