Joanna Angus

 We regret that Joanna will not be able to take part in this year’s trail.

I have lived locally in the village of Addingham for 7 years.

I started painting when I was 15 years old, at school, when my art teacher asked us to paint trees. I was instantly inspired by nature. I used every colour I could put on the canvas, and that was the beginning of my love of art. I realised then, that painting had no limits. Texture and colour became the essence of my work. I mainly paint in acrylic, trees and flowers, and other natural environments including African landscape. The beauty of Yorkshire and the love of flowers in my family, has also enthused me.

I am passionate about the healing therapy that painting and colour provides. I draw on my spiritual side for guidance. Over the past few years I have been helping children and adults to find their own way in art, by running intimate workshops. Many of my clients have been inspired and one even now paints professionally.

I have sold most of my paintings at local craft markets and charity exhibitions. My latest exhibition is currently at the Cavendish Pavilion at Bolton Abbey, where I have approximately 30 pieces.