John Parsons

I specialise in the challenge of making high quality small woodturned boxes, striving for the perfect shape, a closely fitting lid, and a beautiful tactile finish.
I take my design cues from the natural environment, witnessed in the smooth, often gently curving and flowing profiles. Beauty from simplicity. Perfection in form. The natural environment. Working with natural materials. These are some of the things I am passionate about and which inform my work.

The boxes range from pure and simple, single wood designs, through to boxes featuring hand carved decoration, or hand inlaid contrasting woods to create designs in harmony with the natural figuring of the wood. Ornamented boxes are made extra special by the addition of contrasting features to the lid. Interiors are equally delightfully finished, often with hidden design details.
These small boxes appeal equally to men and women who appreciate the craftsmanship, and are usually purchased as accent pieces to display.
I use carefully chosen sustainable woods, and each box is designed to make the most of the natural features. The colouring and grain pattern make each box a truly unique, exquisite little treasures, begging to be handled and fondled.