Jonathan Cooke

Originally from Barnsley, on leaving school Jonathan served a four-year apprencticeship in stained glass with the York Glaziers’ Trust at York Minster. Since 1987 he has been in private practice, and is an ICON accredited restorer/conservator. His primary medium is stained and painted glass.

Influences on his work are eclectic, based on observation: the play of light both in the landscape, and in coloured glass is particularly significant. He has been fascinated for as long as he can remember by modification of light through stained glass, and one of his earliest memories is studying the changing colours in the windows of his local church.

Jonathan’s small scale works are in the tradition of monumental ecclesiastical and architectural stained glass: intensely visual and usually representational, they draw on his mastery of the heritage skills of lead glazing and glass painting, techniques which have remained essentially unchanged for a millenium. One of his long-term interests is research into historical glasspainting methods. His recreation of the lost early c19 figure of Charity can be seen in the Tivoli Recess of the Soane Museum. He is the author of a manual on Glass Painting, ‘Time and Temperature’, published by Swansea Metropolitan University in 2013.