Julia Collington

I use pastel, oils, and charcoal to create most of my art work which I do at home.  I also enjoy doing pencil drawings for portrait work.    I look at a media which will determine the texture I wish to depict for a landscape a particular event, nature or still life.  Abstract and Modern Impressionism influence my style.   As well as artists such as Lee Krasner, Georgia Okeeffe and Paula Modersohn- Becker.  These are but a few, as I live and breath as an artist every day of my life looking at an extensive range of other art forms in textiles and sculpture work.   The Bloomsbury group at Charleston in Sussex have given me influence and arts and craft movements. Literary works of Roger Fry, poetry as well as music.  This combines to create a visual and holistic concept in my art work.  I am motivated only when this stirs an emotion for the individual looking at my painting or drawing.  ( I have a great respect for Mattisse who is able to do this so easily with a concept of cutting and pasting with paper to create an image or collage.)  The psychoIogical aspects and analysation on thought and behaviour reflect in my work on the issues and genres in society.  I like to think that  I am giving pleasure and developing thought process or debate.  I also work  in the care field with the elderly.   I have had two exhibitions since I finished a fine art degree at Bradford College in 2004.  My first at Bradford College 2004 and the Industrial Museum in 2010 Eccleshill.