Julie Jenner



I paint because of a need to record in colour; my paintings are the tangible responses to memories of journeys, particularly that single moment when the visual interplay of light, movement, pattern and colour combine to reveal an unexpected dynamism in the landscape. I’d like my paintings to prompt people to take a moment to connect with their memories of time and place.

I work in oil paint. I love its mobility. I like to push and meld colour, often mixing directly onto the canvas; to me, this process echoes the ‘travelling through’ element of my response to the landscape.

I take my inspiration from the colours of the landscape whilst the influences of Constable’s oil sketches, Augustus John and Piper and guide my thinking and my hand.

Recently, my feelings for searching out colour are leading me to explore a connectivity between natural and architectural shapes. My feeling for searching out form through colour is leading to a sense of depth within my painting, image upon image and quite impasto.

High Melton, Doncaster
The Cavendish Gallery, Keighley
The Calder Gallery, Hebden Bridge
Weaverbird, Ilkley
The Ilkley Art Show
The Ilkley Art Shop