Juliet and Jamie Gutch

Jamie and I were introduced around 14 years ago by a mutual friend who thought that the two people he knew who
both made mobile sculpture would probably have quite a lot in common!  We have been married for 10 years and
have been producing mobiles together throughout that time.
Our most recent commission (May 2015), A Murmuration of Starlings, was for the reception atrium of the new
Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital. We took our inspiration from the way flocks of starlings create
almost unbelievable patterns and shapes in the sky while flying together, and linked this to how groups of doctors
and nurses work so effectively as teams to address the needs of a patient.
Living in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, it would be difficult not to respond to the local landscape in our work. At the same
time we are currently keen to explore the medium of mobiles as one which is akin to music in the way that a number
of shapes are created from which the individual sculptures are then ‘composed’.  The mobiles in the new series are
inspired by small sounds of Ilkley Moor.
We have completed a number of large-scale commissions and also work on a smaller scale, mainly for exhibitions at
a gallery in London called jaggedart through whom we also regularly exhibit at the London Art Fair and COLLECT at
the Saatchi Gallery. Our forthcoming exhibition with two other artists will be at jaggedart, off Marylebone High St,
London at the end of October (www.jaggedart.com). Our website is www.julietandjamiegutch.com