Justin Leeming

Justin is originally from Accrington and has lived in West Yorkshire for nearly 15 years.

He graduated from De Montfort University 22 years ago with a degree in Fine Art Painting.

He has spent his working life as a graphic designer and has always painted in his spare time.

Justin has recently started working as a full time artist, taking on commissions and producing limited edition prints of his art.

He is a figurative painter working primarily in acrylic or oil on canvas.

For years he concentrated on portraiture, but more recently he’s diversified his output, to produce large scale canvases which reference popular culture. Just some of the artists who Justin admires include Walter Sickert, Michael Andrews, Paula Rego and Michael Selgado.

Justin uses photographic references to compose his paintings, reinterpreting them into something which looks tangible, but never really existed.

Although he applies the paint quite thinly, Justin is not interested in hiding the brush strokes in a photorealistic style. He enjoys playing with the paint – the scratching, the finger smudging, the splashes and the drips, and is still surprised that such a culmination of paint marks on canvas can lead to a finished representational piece of art.