Kathryn Fox


I trained in Fine Art in Leeds and Liverpool and have exhibited my work locally, nationally and internationally. I have a penchant for guerilla art, which hijacks an everyday place or situation. Using a range of media and processes appropriate to the subject with which I am working, I produce work from the very small scale to large scale installations.

Objects and images speak very differently in different contexts, so the setting for my work is often drawn into it, playing a crucial role in its interpretation. The last IlkleyArt Trail saw my own home turned into an immersive living installation work, ‘Show Home’, taking an exploration of many aspects of domestic life as its starting point.  For 2015 I plan to incorporate my work into shop window displays in Ilkley and create a trail of my own taking as its working title ‘Window Shopping’ – a term which itself describes the act of looking rather than buying.

What underpins all of my work is my original study of and continuing interest in language as our means of expression, communication and thought. My art practice is essentially an  exploration of an alternative form of language.

More information about my background and my work (with images) can be found at my website: www.kathrynoubridge.com.