Kerry Stoker 2013

Influences abound – inspiration comes from everywhere.

I enjoy the challenge of producing different styles of art for different purposes keeping my work vibrant and fresh. My use and love of colour connects the images. I work mainly in acrylic but also oil, watercolour and oil pastel and my style ranges from abstract through to hard-edged realism. I love the process and stuff of paint, immersing myself in, and experimenting with, my work.

My abstract paintings reflect my solidly positive disposition, colour sings and shapes are playful, often apparently placed randomly but always carefully considered. Memories and experiences inform. Some paintings happen easily, others are a struggle; each is a gently evolving creation.

Representational painting is equally important to me to hone observational, compositional and technical skills. There is always more to learn and discover.

I would like to enhance peoples’ lives and environments by producing art full of visual interest, conveying the pleasure I experience when working. 

  • BA Honours, Fine Art, Reading University – pupil of Sir Terry Frost
  • PGCE, Head of Art, Rockport Preparatory School, Northern Ireland.
  • Art Co-ordinator, Westville House School, Ilkley, West Yorkshire for 10 years
  • Now painting full time