Libby Jubb

I am a bespoke Jewellery Designer Maker and have taught at Craven College and run a variety of jewellery making workshops.  It was my Grandmother that introduced me to the fascinating world of jewellery and would tell me stories of her gems. In 2003, I pursued my interest and signed up for a HND in Jewellery Design.  Instantly I was hooked on the process of creating something beautiful and intricate from a flat piece of silver. Delicate patterns, Nature and the Art Nouveau are my main influences.   I use traditional jewellery techniques and add detail by using impressions from textiles, punches and hammers.  I like making keepsake jewellery that has a meaning and for special occasions.  Over the years I have created several distinct collections, namely my Flower and Crochet wire collection, which have been exhibited at the Manor House Museum, Craven Museum, Art in the Pen, The Bowery and Richmond Art Gallery. This year I have created two new collections – Rock Art – inspired by the cup and ring stone markings on Ilkley Moor and – Bird Story – which depicts birds from fledglings to birds in full flight. Each piece is handmade at my home studio in Ilkley.