Linda Dewart


This year my work continues to explore the link between people and the landscape – how it both shapes us and our activities and leisure and how we strive to manipulate, control, change or leave permanent marks behind. I use a multi-media approach mainly incorporating paint with stitch and I like to mingle both traditional and contemporary techniques with the aim of keeping my images fresh and interesting. My training in textile design gives me a fairly obsessive tendency to collect beautiful fabrics – where funds allow! – or to create my own constructed or embellished surfaces which I use to produce accessories for the pure love of handling the material. I have exhibited by myself – the latest at the South Square Gallery, Thornton, Bradford, in September 2014 – and as part of Textilia 3, a contemporary textile group based in the North of England where some of my work can be viewed on  I have taken part in the Ilkley Art Trail since it began. I have a first class honours degree in textile design and my interests in walking and family historical research and gardening all help to inform some of the ideas behind my latest pieces.