Linda Dewart 2013

I am a textile artist with a wide interest in all things related to textiles, painting and drawing.  The media I use depends on the current subject I am exploring and has been as diverse as cutting up plastic tubing to create a new “thread” for 3-D work, or stitching into handmade clay plaques whilst exploring ways to depict the formal designs of grand gardens.

Currently I mainly work by stitching and manipulating painted images of landscape or people, which either remain readable as such or  become abstracted into another form.

The underlying themes of my latest work embrace concepts of place, home, migration and the sense of belonging.  This has emerged from extensive family history research and an interest in the effects caused by families being scattered by circumstance.

At the moment this work is expressed as 2-D multi-layered images where fragments and pieces of fabric are added to painted paper or cloth.  Extra depth is given with hand-stitch, mark-making and beading.

Whilst I strive for the elegance of pared down imagery, I often get waylaid by the glory of an intensely complex embellished surface!   When I want to play with pure textile surfaces, I make accessories, bags and books.

I belong to a contemporary textile group – Textilia 111 – which continues to exhibit extensively throughout the north. I also attend and help to run an untutored weekly life painting group in Ilkley.  I have a first class degree in textile design.

In the future I plan to continue to make textile art and would like to find ways of using it in a practical way within the community.  I am also planning to travel in my motorhome with my dog, paints and sewing machine this year.