Linda Dewart

I am an Ilkley-based artist currently specializing in incorporating stitch onto painted surfaces. As a graduate in textile design, colour and texture are foremost when creative decisions are made and I find texture – with the complex building up of layers of paint, fabrics, papers, leather and finally machine and handstitch – especially good for expressing difficult ideas. Currently these themes have been firstly, exploring the relationships between people and the landscape, and secondly, searching for the connections between generations of families. These two sets of ideas constantly reoccur: I have put them together under the title of “Pathways”.

The work becomes semi-abstract landscapes inspired by the local scenery originating from fragments of life paintings – the two combine, interact and become

This year – for fun – I have begun sketching a U3A guitar group in Ilkley with the aim of producing a new body of stitched sketches and paintings. To me it still connects with my themes: the idea of people moving on, interacting, searching for that sense of belonging.

I have been part of Ilkley Art Trail since its inception and offer my home as a venue