Lucia Smith



‘Dancing in the Dales’ is a new collection of work that I’ve created during 2014/15, presenting my current response to the experience of life amongst the Yorkshire moors. Different responses with different moods, different perspectives. A huge range of light and colour, a joy in the choice of palette. Bringing it all together with a discipline of technique and drawing feels like a type of choreography; and just like a wide variety of music and types of dance still have a commonality, so do my landscapes: they all focus on the experience of being there.

People often respond to my work in quite an emotional way – and to me that is the highest compliment. A connection with the experience of wandering through this grand scenery, its uplifting possibilities, its soothing powers.

Soft pastel has a beautiful flow, an intensity of colour, and when used with my own method of underpainting and priming, becomes very manipulative. Forming compositions from reality, I simplify to find the essence and the emotion, but retain careful drawing of known landmarks: I work hard to ensure each picture still belongs to a certain place.

Most of my exhibitions have been in Yorkshire: Harrogate, Leeds, and the Yorkshire Dales; it is here that I feel my work creates a vibration and is best recognised. I have also offered workshops at Art Shows, Art Clubs and City Galleries, and periodically teach privately at home.