Lucia 2013

My landscape paintings are my response to the experience of being in the Yorkshire moors. Contours, patterns, weather, uplifting colour, space: all are encompassed in my compositions which attempt to distill reality and portray its essence. The aim is to reach out to others who already revel in this land and its moods; to remind us of why we should look after it; and to tempt those who don’t know it to go and explore.

Soft pastel, sometimes worked with other media beneath, has a beautiful flow, an intensity of colour, and when used with my own method of priming and gritting, can also add elements of specific texture. Compositions are taken from reality and made more powerful by simplification, albeit with careful drawing of known landmarks: each work still belongs to a certain place. Skies are studied and adjusted to reflect the pattern and flow of the land; limited palettes create a mood and distinctive atmosphere for each painting, sometimes vibrant, sometimes softened.

I have lived and worked in Wharfedale for most of my life; although some of my influences come from early formative art time spent in Australia, where the colours are extraordinarily intense. Travel, observing, walking – these have been my main inspiration, carefully gathering influence from national, regional and local galleries around the world.

My greatest delight is for a fell runner or walker – someone who also connects with the land – to admire one of my works; or to hear my love of this place echoed by a viewer.

Most of my exhibitions have been in Yorkshire: Harrogate, Leeds, and the Yorkshire Dales; it is here that I feel my work creates a vibration and is best recognised. I have also offered workshops at Art Shows, Art Circles and City Galleries, and teach privately at home.