Lydia Haines



I am a Leeds-based kiln-formed glass artist. Much of my work is about life, energy and movement. I am passionate about life, about living it to the full. I want my audience to engage my work in the same way – to indulge their senses, to feel, touch, delight and be stimulated. I am intrigued by the effects of light on the hues and tones of the world around me. Using glass as an artistic medium allows me to work with light, manipulating its reflection, refraction and transmission through texture and form. I draw inspiration from the world around me and transpose its the vigour and movement into the rhythms and patterns within my work.

Reminiscing the rich history of Yorkshire’s weaving industries and its relationship with the land, the waters and the people, my Woven Glass series explores the interconnectedness, ebb and flow, strength and fragility of life. Fine stripes of glass are hand-tinted and fired with gold, silver, copper, bronze mica powder and fine glass powder to create subtle colouration before woven together (over and under). The glass is then slumped under heat and gravity into organic forms that mirror the fluidity and softness of woven fabric.