Margaret Chalmers

I am a designer-maker, working mainly with wool fibres to create decorative and functional items.

There are two contrasting areas – wearable accessories, such as fine scarves, hats, jewellery, alongside self-supporting seamless 3D pieces for home use. All are made using traditional wet felting methods; every piece is unique.

Sheep’s wool is a sustainable, biodegradable, continuously produced by-product of another industry. Many of my domestic pieces feature a Yorkshire sheep breed – Masham, giving a strong textured felt. I also use wool from rare British breeds, such as Manx Loughtan, sometimes buying at the farm, direct from the “grower”. When a finer wool is required next to skin, ethically sourced Merino wool is used.

The topographical regions of Yorkshire provide an ever-changing source of inspiration; – a textured series – “Stone” – inspired by the limestone Dales in natural colours; “Heather” and “Bracken” showcased coloured fibres – suggested by the Moors. Interpretations of the Coast and sea are currently being developed. A crossover from fine wearbles to domestic use developed into a series using minimaI colour on smooth fine white felt.

My work has been exhibited locally, and sold in galleries, including the National Centre for Craft and Design.