Rachel Sedman


“I have travelled full circle creatively to return to themes I worked with after initially studying and in doing so have picked up threads I am now weaving together to express visually the themes of geometry, sound and form through printmaking & painting.

After 15 years of professional working in the arts & science industries I have committed to establishing my practice in order to fully realise the themes, thoughts and ideas I’d like to express.

The urgency in following this decision was also prompted by the arrival of my family. Suddenly my perspective seemed to sharpen and the essence of time shortened.

My recent work is an attempt to bring together elements of how sound & form are experienced visually. I begin by researching sound clips, notation or geometric forms and then draw out ideas before printing. Using printmaking has enabled a more sculptural way of working in relief by building up layers of colour & shape to create form. The training I have in design meets this desire for simplicity of execution which is coupled with my more fine art sensibility & expression.

Geometry and form help me make sense of numbers & relationships which have fascinated me.