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1 September  2013

Businesses offer their creative support to Ilkley Art Trail

max_coffeeontray_best2With just five weeks to go until the roll out of the third Ilkley Art Trail, local businesses are brushing up their creative skills and offering some great deals to coincide with the start of the Trail in October.

From cut-price taxis to cheap beer, Ilkley companies are keen to support Ilkley Art Trail this year with some great offers for Art Trail participants.

This year it will be easier than ever to get around as Ilkley Taxis will be offering half price fares around town to Art Trail venues on production of a programme. Christine Stevenson, who runs Ilkley Taxis said: “We are very proud to be helping the Art Trail this year and believe it is a fantastic event. It will be easy to spot our taxi cabs as they will be decorated with the special Art Trail magnets. Our drivers can reach all IAT venues and we offer personal assistance for less able passengers if it’s requested by phone. So you can save money and your shoe leather by calling an Ilkley Taxi on 601110.”

And since the Art Trail will be confined to locations across Ilkley and Ben Rhydding this year, no fare should cost more than £2. Supporters and volunteers will also be sporting the special Ilkley Art Trail car magnets on their own vehicles leading up to the Trail from October 9-13.

Ilkley Art Trail 2013 promises to turn the town into a whole exhibition space, with artists opening up their homes and studios to the public during the five-day event. Other artists will be showing their work in shops, hotels, pubs and several more unusual venues, including a dentists’ practice, a vets’ practice and an osteopath’s therapy room.

There will be 45 artists exhibiting at this year’s event, ranging from photographers to printmakers, jewellers to ceramicists and painters to sculptors. It’s likely that participants will need a coffee break in between visiting all these venues. Luckily Italian coffee shop, La Stazione has stepped in to offer a free Ilkley Art Trail chocolate logo to anyone who shows their programme at the Ilkley station cafe.

“We can put the logo on the cappuccino or the cafe latte,” explained owner Enzo Piscicelli. “As a local business we’re really proud to support Ilkley Art Trail.” Manager, Max Crane, who draws the logo onto the coffee himself using melted chocolate, said: “If we can do anything artistic to boost Ilkley Art Trail then we’re very happy to help. We serve some of the best coffee in Ilkley and can offer a quick service so we’re the ideal coffee stop for Ilkley Art trail followers.”

Meanwhile, the Flying Duck, a brand new pub which is set to open in the next few weeks, will be offering a pound off a pint of beer to anyone who presents a programme during the five days of the Trail. Flying Duck spokesman, Jonathan Shepherd said: “The team at the Flying Duck on Church Street, Ilkley’s new Brew Pub, are pulling out all the stops to be open in time to give thirsty art trailers £1 off their first pint from the Wharfedale Brewery range.” Ilkley Art Trail organisers are hoping this year’s event will attract art-lovers from near and far. The trail attracted 4,000 visitors last year with artists’ sales topping £20,000.

Pop to the vets for a healthy dose of art

 29 July 2013



Pet owners in Ilkley can get a healthy dose of art while waiting to see the vet. Ashlands Veterinary Centre on Leeds Road has become the latest pop up art gallery ahead of Ilkley Art Trail 2013.

waiting room will be displaying a selection of fantastic animal-themed prints and paintings as a preview for Ilkley Art Trail which takes place from October 9-13 this year. Ashlands Veterinary Centre and Animal Hospital is a patron of Ilkley Art Trail 2013.

Over the next few months the practice will be displaying some of the best in show, including prints by Mike Smith and Anna Tosney and drawings by Ilkley artist Gill Gilroy.

Ilkley Art Trail Assistant Organiser, Lucia Smith said: “We are very lucky to have such a brilliant range of artists in our region –
Talented Leeds printmaker Mike Smith uses the ancient art of lino block

printing to create intricate prints of birds of prey, cats and other beautiful wildlife.  As a keen glider pilot, his passion for observing the tiny details that go into his art has literally taken him to new heights, including circling in a thermal with a buzzard 50ft above the glider. many literally on our doorstep – and this is another great opportunity to see some of their work. We’re very grateful to Ashlands Veterinary Centre for supporting us this year; and pleased to find an exciting synergy where a visit to the vets can offer an art viewing opportunity.”

Skipton-born printmaker Anna Tosney will also be exhibiting a selection of her favourite countryside-inspired prints. Anna uses her own style of printmaking, combining drypoint and monoprint techniques and loves to paint images of sheep, farmers and the glorious Dales countryside.

Ilkley-born artist Gill Gilroy specialises in pen and ink sketches of wildlife. Using pen on paper she works in a fluid way to produce quick studies of birds, dogs and more recently, life-drawing, producing simple outlines full of character and poignancy. A rolling exhibition of the artists’ work will be shown at Ashlands over the summer.

Ashlands Practice Manager, Anne MacGregor said: “We are more than happy to support Ilkley Art Trail this year. As we are a small business and not a corporation, we want to support local businesses and events in Ilkley.” A total of 44 artists will be showing their work in Ilkley and surrounding areas at the trail this autumn.

While various artists will be opening up their studios and homes to the public during the five day trail, others will be exhibiting in offices, therapy rooms, community halls, pubs, shopping centres and other more unusual spaces.


June 2013   

Chance to Preview Ilkley Art Trail


If you can’t wait for the start of the Ilkley Art Trail in October, why not pop into one of the town’s pop up galleries for a special preview?

Two businesses in Ilkley have opened their doors to art-lovers ahead of the Ilkley Art Trail 2013, with more set to follow.

This year’s Art Trail is set to be bigger and brighter than ever with 44 artists showing the public during the five day trail, others will be exhibiting in offices, therapy rooms, community halls, pubs, shopping centres and other more unusual spaces.their work in Ilkley and surrounding areas.

While various artists will be opening up their studios and homes to In the run up to the third Ilkley Art Trail, Ison Harrison Solicitors on The Grove, Ilkley, are opening their doors for a series of great public shows of regional artists’ work, with originals and prints available to buy now.

Patrons of Ilkley Art Trail, Ison Harrison Solicitors, are showing a new collection by Ilkley’s soft-pastel artist, Lucia Smith. Entitled ‘An Ordinary Day in Yorkshire’, the collection reveals images of pattern, colour and a sense of connection with the land that is anything but ‘ordinary’.

Helen Shires from Ison Harrison Solicitors said: “From our perspective it’s great to have these works of art from a local artist on our walls, especially as it is of the local scenery and the moors. We’re very pleased to be able to support Ilkley Art Trail and to support the local community.”

Meanwhile, the Wells Practice Osteopaths on Wells Promenade are showing various artists’ work, including more of Lucia Smith’s pastels and other paintings by Sara Clarkson. Principle Osteopath, Andy Mansfield said: “I think it’s mutually beneficial, it benefits us because we get some lovely art for our treatment rooms and reception, and it helps the local artists to have somewhere to display their work. We feel very lucky to be part of Ilkley Art Trail.”

Both businesses will offer a rolling exhibition of different artists’ work in the run up to the five day Art Trail from October 9-13.

The public are free to view these exhibitions at Ison Harrison, 46a The Grove, Ilkley LS29 9EE, Tel: 01943 889 100 from 9am to 5pm. The Wells Practice, 16 Wells Promenade, Ilkley LS29 9LF, Tel: 01943 817191 is open 9am to 5pm but please phone ahead to see pieces in treatment rooms.