Ruth Pullan

A satisfying realisation came soon after a leatherwork course at the Cumbria School of Saddlery a few years ago that leather was the medium I wanted to work in.

It’s a slow, thoughtful, almost meditative process, quietly stitching away in my workshop, without the hum of machines and the cursing that comes with them. I have always been a frustrated consumer, never finding want I wanted in terms of design and quality of materials in clothes and accessories and I have never been interested in the latest fashion “fads and trends” as the Kinks would say.

Through a pared down palette of materials and processes, I hope to reflect this attitude, one of individual style, simplicity and quality. The products I make are all created from UK sourced materials from the leather which is tanned in Britain to the buckles I use which are cast at the last remaining buckle foundry in the UK in Walsall.

I am very proud to be able to provide complete transparency to my customers ensuring they can be confident of buying an ethical and environmentally conscious product.