Ruth Wightman 2013

My work is painted primarily in oil paint on canvass.

I have written and illustrated three children’s stories and the third one is illustrated using oil paint. I would like to exhibit some of the paintings from this third story.

Each of these paintings should tell a story independently. I am painting a starting point for the imagination and each of the mythical animals could take you on a journey.

The story these paintings illustrate is a dream like voyage, through  winter and summer ,shady forests, still snowy  moonlit woods and midnight seas by unicorn and flying horse, all before bedtime.

I would also like to include more forest paths and inspired by this winter some wide open cold, cold snow scenes.

My influences are very wide and last year Lorna mentioned that my work made her think of the novels of Angela Carter whose work I adore.

This new story has hints of Alice in wonderland, Where the wild things are, and The Snowman all deeply influential with that essential magical quality I’m searching for.

Recently I have had a joint exhibition with my friend the artist Linda Harrison at Keighley central Hall entitled Arie where we both explored our own practice and made an interesting collaborative show juxtaposing our different styles.

Still more recently I was part of an exhibition at Central Hall with Bradford art studios, with some of the artists from my studio.

My background is in art teaching and a fine art degree. I’m the artist in residence at Ghyll Royd School Burley in Wharfedale.

I find working with children exceptionally rewarding and am always inspired by the originality and inventiveness of children’s  imagination.