Susannah Lawless

I am a landscape artist, specialising in acrylics. Having been born and raised on the Solway Plain, Cumbria and now living in Ilkley, it is these landscapes which inspire me the most.

Solway Plain holds a special place in my heart. It is a land on the edge. A pause between mountains and sea. An escape. Yorkshire is full of inspiration. From the moorland which surrounds my home in Ilkley, to the vibrant spring meadows of the Yorkshire Dales.

My painting process is always driven by my love of the natural environment. I often paint from photographs but when creating more abstract pieces, I rely on my memories and my emotional response to them.

The Cumbrian artists, Sheila Fell and Percy Kelly, are my biggest inspirations. Their depictions of terraced cottages and windswept fells and shorelines, capture my childhood memories in a way that could only be achieved through a common understanding of life in West Cumbria.

In 2015, I exhibited at the Addingham Local Artist’s Exhibition and have recently completed a six month exhibition with Joanna Rose Paintings at the Cavendish Pavilion, Bolton Abbey. My art has also been sold at Covet, Ilkley since 2015.