Terence Hammill 2013


I am planning to hold an exhibition of small sculptures, inspired by objects found on shelves, by members of the Yorkshire Sculptors Group and others – to be called Shelf Life. Invited artists from Yorkshire and elsewhere have been asked to make a sculpture in response to a favourite object (a souvenir, memorabilia, bric-a-brac, or maybe functional) found in their own homes. The sculptures will be paired with the artists’ objects to create a series of conversations, dialogues or confrontations – and arranged in a long line on a shelf about 22 cms wide and 10 metres long.

All of us have shelves filled with objects of every description – where do they come from and why is it impossible get rid of them? Why are they there and what should we do with them? What do these objects say about ourselves?

I hope this will be an accessible show, one that creates an entry point for all those who struggle to control their shelves!

The Shed Gallery Ilkley is in its third year of operation as a non-profit making exhibition and project space. As well as showcasing my own work as a sculptor the gallery has shown the digital prints of Michael Anderson and Gordon Cain, the woven tapestries of Shirley Ross and Beryl Hammill, and the drawings of Silas Butler.

I am writing this application in Australia and I do not have access to my computer in UK until after my return on May 8. Most of my images are stored on my home computer but I have included some images that have been emailed to me in the last few days. I hope these will give you some idea of what Shelf Life might look like.

1. Nick Pearson – Brass Knuckles/Rubber Fingers – brass cast and ‘Marigold’ glove.
2. Nick Pearson – Window II – water pistol and half perforated brick, latex and talcum powder.
3. Victoria Ferrand-Scott – Snake – concrete and coiled spring.
4. Terence Hammill – Redhead Vessel – cast stone and matchbox.
5. Terence Hammill – Pebble Vessel – cast stone and pebble.
6. George Hainsworth – Man Walking – wood, marble and light switch.